Pastel Arsenal - "If You Want To" [pre-order]

Release Date: July 19, 2018

Pastel Arsenal is back with new heat. "If You Want To" is the second single from his upcoming album of the same title, set to be released August 3rd on Young Heavy Souls.

"If You Want To" is Pastel's first official release since his 2014 EP "Fields." The album balances synth, jazz, funk and hip-hop sounds. Regarding the influences for the album, Pastel states “I was listening to a lot of George Duke, Alan Hawkshaw library tracks, Devonwho, Gleen Astro and getting back into Parliament around that time. I don’t generally go for a particular sound when writing tracks, but all of those influences definitely affected the sound.”

Besides composing and producing the album, Pastel also served as audio engineer, both mixing and mastering the 8-song project. At a tight 20 minutes in the length, If You Want To doesn’t waste time and quickly builds momentum from one song to the next. Although some of the tracks barley last over a minute, they never feel too short and make an impact without over-looped sections or filler.


Pre-Order "If You Want To" on limited edition cassette from the link below. 




Minutes Unlimited Share "Simple Solutions" EP

Release Date: July 18, 2018

Minutes Unlimited (Eliot Lipp & Michna) return with a second EP, Simple Solutions, released only four months after their debut Making Contact. Here they further refine their hand crafted vision of grainy high-def trap, equalized and polished for festival-sized intel. 

While writing Simple Solutions they found themselves on tour and decided to utilize various state-of-the-art mixing consoles in New York, Texas, and Washington. Reels were saturated, headrooms pushed purple, and new vocals were made so dry you think they're wet.

Formed in 2018 during NYC's Bomb Cyclone, Minutes Unlimited is comprised of producers Michna (Ghostly International) and Eliot Lipp (Young Heavy Souls). Together they made the decision to handcraft their own distinct vision of grainy high def trap. Their debut EP Making Contact was released March 2018 and caught the ears of BBC Radio 1, where Jubilee featured it on her R1 Residency. Additional press was secured from Self-Titled, Exclaim, and Big Shot. July 2018 sees the release of Simple Solutions on Detroit's Young Heavy Souls label. Simple Solutions is a lean and robust EP of DJ friendly tunes, equalized and polished for festival sized intel.


Stream their new EP "Simple Solutions" in full via Northern Transmissions using the link below. 


Screen Shot 2018-06-20 at 12.09.25 PM.png

Norty Shares "The Years Are Fleeting"

Release Date: June 29th

Norty has returned with new music, this time in the form of his first full-length album, "The Years Are Fleeting".  A lean 12-track project, TYAF never lets up on the inventive, left-field pop music. Composed with an underground edge, each song is expertly crafted with care and intention. Mature without being overly-serious, Norty touches on the fact that “some humans are really bad at being human” on the lead single Alien Eyes. Not without its introspection, Norty addresses self-reflection on Bad Times “I don’t know why, but for some reason the dark times feel good in the aftermath.”  

Stream the record in full from the link below.

Wing Vilma and Friends Celebrate Summers Start

Release Date: June 21st

Wing Vilma has shared their first new piece of music since the release of the full length LP "Safe By Night" this past February. Titled "Luvly", the track is a breezy and beautiful foray into a more traditional Hip Hop bpm. Featuring Maine based rapper Pink Navel and Michigan based singer Kasa Blanca, "Luvly" is a welcome indication of the future stock of collaborative work we might be able to expect from the young producer. Stream the track in full from the link below. 


Wing Vilma Luvly Artwork.jpg