YHS Cassette Collection (6 tapes)

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Sale Image 2.jpg

YHS Cassette Collection (6 tapes)


The complete YHS cassette collection as of October 2016. 

With each order you receive 6 cassette tapes, including one copy of each of the following: 

  1. Mishigami - Tape C     [YC1601]
  2. Vapor Eyes - Invocation     [YC1602]
  3. Peace To Mateo - Peace To Mateo     [YC1603]
  4. Eliot Lipp - Come To Life     [YC1604]
  5. Nunca Duerma - Ven Ahora     [YC1605]
  6. Peace To Mateo - Bouquet     [YC1606]
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